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They are less but there are also YouTubers girls. Patty Dragona’s YouTube channel is a good example of this. From here you can view various videos that will entertain you and make you laugh. This year it has entered with force and its account already goes by the 5.5 million subscribers and more than 600 million visits. If you want to get more other latest details.

YouTuber Patty Dragona: A bit of history

Patty Dragona always starts her videos by greeting her followers in a very special way. He calls them little devils , which transmits closeness and sympathy. That is one of the keys to its success, in addition to the quality of its audiovisual material.

Patty was born on September 10, 1986 in Spain and decided to create her channel in October 2007. Since then she has not stopped uploading videos, improving her content more and more. Patty likes tranquility and nature very much and decided that Galicia was a good place to live. It is very active on the networks and usually publishes daily content on them. The truth is that this comes in handy to grow and improve its content through the opinions of users who follow it.

She is a tattoo artist and is passionate about the world of motorsports, as well as animals and sports. He likes movies a lot, mainly action movies and those related to superheroes. His gameplay videos and pranks often happen in his own house with some friends.

In addition to his channel, he usually collaborates on other projects such as Epic Blast , a challenge channel directed by FixFive and Camilo Games . Similarly, participate in Facebook Gaming with live gameplays. In 2018, his first book entitled Patty’s Journey saw the light of day.

YouTuber Patty Dragona’s Most Famous Videos

Patty Dragona is one of the best known youtuber when trying different games and making fun gameplays. Among his most famous and outstanding videos are the following:

  • GTA5 is an action and adventure video game, an open world where Patty Dragona has been able to function as the experienced youtuber that she is.
  • Fortnite is another of the games in which we have been able to see “Dragona” perform. The truth is that this virtual world of zombies has been quite successful among its followers that they do not miss the way that the youtuber has to stay safe.
  • Ark Survival Evolved , another action, adventure and survival title, where Patty is immersed in a world dominated by all kinds of prehistoric animals.
  • Clash Royale is a free video game that Patty has also played. If like a large part of your subscribers you want to know what it is, you just have to access their action-packed videos in real time.
  • In September 2017, Patty released a fairly original rap in collaboration with Romano which was sponsored by Fedy Toys .
  • Some of his most watched videos are about pranks. Some examples of them are ” 24 hours of jokes to many youtubers ” with almost 4 million views or “24 hours playing pranks on Makiman !!” with more than 7 million views.

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