Best Ways to choose a Best Wi-Fi router

The first step in introducing a Wi-Fi environment at home is to set up a Wi-Fi router (wireless LAN router). This page lists points when choosing a Wi-Fi router.

Best Five points when choosing a Wi-Fi router

You can rent a Wi-Fi router from an operator or internet service provider. Consumption rates are usually a few hundred yen a month. Wi-Fi routers can also be purchased from major electronics retailers.

When it comes time to buy a Wi-Fi router, there are different products on the market and it is difficult for beginners to know what to choose. Here are some things to look for when selecting a Wi-Fi router.

Five points when choosing a Wi-Fi router

  • Is it compatible with “11ac”?
  • Is it compatible with “5GHz”?
  • What is “Radio Field Power”?
  • How many “antennas” are there?
  • What should the “antenna direction” do?

1. Points when choosing a Wi-Fi router

The communication standard is not “11ac”

Wi-Fi has many communication standards. “11ac (IEEE 802.11ac)” is currently the most widely used standard for communication speeds.

Devices (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.) that are hooked on Wi-Fi must also support “11ac” to take advantage of the “11ac” speed. However, if you currently do not have an “11ac” compatible device and would like to replace your computer or smartphone in the near future, we recommend purchasing a compatible “11ac” Wi-Fi router. I do.

2. Points when choosing a Wi-Fi router

Supports “5 GHz” frequency band

Two radio frequency bands are used in Wi-Fi:

  • 2.4 GHz
  • 5 GHz

Traditionally, Wi-Fi uses radio waves in the “2.4 GHz” band. Most Wi-Fi routers still support the “2.4GHz” band. However, radio waves in this band are also used in many other devices, such as microwaves and mice/keyboards, so that they have an error that can easily cause radio wave interference and incorrect communication.

On the other hand, the “5 GHz” band is rarely used, except on the wireless LAN, so radio wave interference is less likely and communication is easier to stabilize. However, the device must also support the “5GHz” band.

3. Points when choosing a Wi-Fi router

Check the “signal strength”
Obstacles such as walls weaken the strength of the radio waves used in Wi-Fi. If you want to use Wi-Fi in many rooms, choose a Wi-Fi router with strong signal strength.

The default for signal strength is the “floor plan” written on the box of the Wi-Fi router or on the manufacturer’s website. If it is a single-family home, it is written on the floor, if it is an apartment, it is written as LDK, so check w.e.g.

4. Points when choosing a Wi-Fi router

Check the “Number of antennas”
The Wi-Fi router has a built-in “antenna”. The greater the number of antennas, the greater the signal strength. A typical Wi-Fi router has 1 to 4 antennas. If you want to connect multiple devices at the same time, choose a Wi-Fi router with as many antennas as possible.

You can check the number of Wi-Fi router antennas on the manufacturer’s website. For example, the Buffalo WXR-2533DHP2 model has four antennas.

5. Points when choosing a Wi-Fi router

Check “Antenna orientation”
There are two types of “antenna orientation” for Wi-Fi routers.

  • Direction type
  • Omnidirectional Type

The “directional” type is suitable for cases where the mobile device needs to be used (where it is installed) because it can easily emit radio waves in a specific direction. On the other hand, if you want to use Wi-Fi in different rooms/slave units, the “omnidirectional” type is best, with radio waves spread over a large area.

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