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What is he doing?

Today, several stations such as RMC InfoTalk’s “Bourdain Direct” sports program are broadcast live on BFM TV. However, the radio remains an audio transmission system without video, although it is compatible with the technology.

Tesla patented the invention of the radio in 1891 based on the inventions of Samuel Morse and Thomas Edison. The system has improved greatly since then, but the principle remains the same.

In essence, the microphone converts sound into an electrical signal. This signal is directed to the antenna emitted by the cable, which converts this electrical signal into an electromagnetic wave in the air. This wave has a very specific frequency (FM). When the receiver selects this wave frequency, it is converted to an electrical signal. This signal is eventually delivered by the speaker, which transforms the electrical signal into sound, which is equivalent to what the microphone actually receives.

Today, broadcasting is still used by some radio stations, but digital radio plays a very important role. The advantage of this technology is a broad coverage. Digital signals can be streamed in real-time (streaming) or available for a specific time (podcast).

Two types of digital radio are possible:

RNT (Digital Terrestrial Radio) or DAB (Digital Audio Transmission), which always uses the principle of frequency transmission;
Streams in MP3 format, aac format, etc. Are broadcast over the Internet. This is the principle that radio uses for its services.
The evolution of radio
Although its early date dates back to the late 19th century, radio became increasingly popular in the following century. Its purpose was originally military and navy, but soon the use of broadcasters was intended to spread to the general public. Radio was much cheaper than television for almost all French families in the 1950s. Content continues to evolve and radio becomes a tool of information, expression, and entertainment. The choice of FM stations is growing significantly.

More space to stream new shows. Internet development is a real possibility! So, since the 2000s, new radios have only been available on the web. Web radio was born.

FM stations are also seasonal and provide a wide range of content for listeners, creating unique radio stations with music or podcasts.

Today, more than ever, anyone can simplify their radio (web) and share their ideas, express themselves, broadcast music around the world, in Paris, or in Caulicoro, Mali.

The Podcast Revolution
Gone are the days when you had to be in front of the radio to enjoy your favorite show! Since the early 2000s, there seem to be podcasts that delight listeners.
A podcast is a program, a newspaper, an interview … In short, a radio station is a file that provides programmatic content that can be heard by touch. For a radio station, this is equivalent to a “rehearsal” seen on TV.
The availability of podcasts varies depending on the frequency of the program. But radio stations only offer podcasts. Podcasts are provided by media, companies, magazines, and artists. All things are in the podcast and some are used today to support science.
There are already thousands of podcasts available on the radio and we want to further enhance our offering to provide you with a full directory.

Create your own web radio

Creating your own internet radio is much more accessible today than ever before. Many embark on this beautiful cultural project. Although owning a web radio is no longer available and easy, it is important to know the terms, rights, and duties of radio owners (and web radio).
Copyright, host, material, budget … these are just a few parameters to consider, so your broadcast will not be a nightmare. Google can easily find all its information, but Radio only recommends this site:

A real mine of information, you will find everything you need to avoid pitfalls and semantic events.

Finding the right streaming host for your needs is certainly the most sensitive step in creating a web radio. There is no offer on the Internet to spoil this feature and even if this step is too long and you have to change hosts several times, they are all compatible with our system, and the radio is respected due to the integration of the radio.
For the owners of radio stations listed on the radio, professional or not, the most used in the stream, we offer the following table.
The main advantage of these hosts ?? These are French-speaking companies.

  • Source Audiometry

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of Internet radio offers, it is interesting to study the reports issued by specialized companies.
The results of these studies show that 8 out of 10 French people over the age of 13 listen to the radio regularly. She believes that the media should listen to all people dedicated to radios and digital devices.
The average listening time per day is 2:08.

12.5% ​​or 6.8 million French people over the age of 13 listen to digital radio every day. With over 3.4 million viewers every day, listening to the radio is the number one mobile phone in the digital world. It is followed by a computer (1.6 million listeners), a TV (1.3 million), a tablet (657,000) and a portable music player (220,000).

However, multimedia support for radio listening volume represents only 12% of the total listening volume. 88% of the remaining listening level is provided by dedicated radio stations (car radio, hi-fi system, alarm clock, radio).
Listening to internet radio through digital media is still in the minority, but has increased in recent years due to new opportunities offered by technological and digital advances and the diversity of media options available. Internet.

How are radio stations financed?

Radio modes may vary depending on the status of the radio. In fact, there are several types of radios for this:

The audience;
Subsidiary or local company.

90% due to the state contribution to public radio and the taxes we pay for our taxes. The rest comes from advertising. So there are very few commercials on public broadcasts. Public radio stations do not put pressure on the audience, which allows for more diverse programs, some of which are very small but do not speak on other types of radio, such as radio drama. , Extensive reports, and experimental music performances.

Radio stations finance private or radio services, which mainly deal with large groups in advertising and foreign investment.

Associated or local, non-profit radio receives state aid through FSER (Broadcasting Assistance Fund) because their share of their advertising revenues does not exceed 20% of turnover. Listening donations also allow funding for these radios. This alternative between private and public radio is also called “free radio”.

What are all those radio commercials?

This is the feedback we often receive from our customers. Therefore, it is important to be as enlightened as possible so that you fully understand where that statement comes from and why it exists.

Why is there a radio commercial?

Radio is a completely free website and application for users and television stations who want to integrate their radio into our catalog. In order to give you the best possible sound quality, it is important to offer you high quality, fluid, strong and ergonomic products. Therefore, our products are updated regularly.
We are especially grateful for the support and assistance we provide in developing software, integrating and maintaining radio stations, and ensuring that you need them. However, we are fully aware that this is an attack of aggression, so we promise to try to be as discreet as possible.

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